Remote Meter Reading

Cloud Based Utility Meter Readings

Both the Model 104 and 204 may be read remotely using a cloud based, encrypted wireless mesh network.  A single network gateway is required to access all meters on the network and provides USB, Ethernet, WiFi and LTE connectivity options. Meter readings are available online any time by logging in to the EML Precision web site.

Cloud Based Utility Meter Readings

Network Gateway

The meter network is accessed using an EML Precision Network Gateway.  The Model G100-C must be installed within range of at least one meter in the network and forms the bridge between the meter Zigbee mesh network and one of several other networks.  The Model G100-C provides connectivity via USB 3.0, Ethernet, WiFi and LTE Celluar networks.

Network Gateway Model G100-C

Simple Installation

The meter network is simple to install. All wireless communications hardware is built-in to each meter and the only connections required are to the line and current sensing CTs.

Model 104 Meter with Built-in Wireless Networking

Cloud Based Data Storage and Reporting

Meter data, including Energy and Water consumption, is continuously encrypted and transmitted to the cloud through the G100 Gateway.

Usage reports and historical readings can be viewed by logging in to the EML Precision customer portal.

All reports can be exported to Excel, CSV or PDF formats.

Cloud Based Report Generation